The GoTransit Story


GoTransit Media Group was founded in late 2010 by media executives Rob Gamble and Rick Chapman, along with their long-term shareholder Australia’s Associated Media Investments.

As Australia's only supplier of metro, sub-metro and regional transit, we have assets across 6 capital cities plus more than 400 regional communities in Australia.

At acquisition the group had transit media assets covering 15 markets mainly in coastal Queensland. Through the next few years the company expanded its footprint into NSW, acquiring new markets in the Central Coast and coastal northern NSW and securing long-term licensing arrangements with bus fleets in Newcastle, Ballarat, Geelong and Wodonga.

In 2014 GoTransit substantially expanded its geographic base by acquiring the Bus Advertising Group, which secured key markets including the ACT, Tasmania, Wollongong and a further 20 regional markets in NSW. In the same year GoTransit was successful in winning the tender for the Gold Coast Light Rail and also won the tender for the Darwin Bus fleet from the Northern Territory Government.

Recognised as a market leader in the Transit Advertising sector, GoTransit’s team of 70+ full-time staff prides themselves on building outstanding partnerships with a high standard of advertising opportunities and state of the art technology. The company has invested heavily in industry specific electronic systems tailor made for the transit and outdoor advertising industries, capable of delivering accurate, frequent and up-to-date reports on all aspects of GoTransit’s financial and operational performance.

In addition, GoTransit is proud to have a unique and impressive in-house creative and production facility with the latest technology for providing high quality artwork and unprecedented turnaround speeds to meet market needs. We look after all aspects of the implementation of media including graphic design, printing and installation, with many of these activities undertaken from GoTransit’s Head Office on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.



GoTransit prides itself on offering a unique and impressive in-house creative department which consistently delivers outstanding designs to its clients, from concept to reality.

It was identified early on that the skill set required is highly specialised and not easily transferred across by designers employed to work on a multitude of different design formats. We’ve built a team of dedicated creative designers who have been handpicked and trained exclusively to design bespoke creative, suitable for large format outdoor transit advertising.

Each year we design and install 1,000’s of eye-catching campaigns for our clients, creating maximum impact and optimising engagement with their target audience.


Our in-house production facility received a major investment with the introduction of the HP Latex 3600 printer. This provides GoTransit with the latest technology to produce the highest quality artwork in unprecedented turn around speeds to market, which is demanding shorter lead times and greater flexibility.

We are passionate about the environment and demonstrating sustainable work practises. Using the latest in printing technology means an extended product life, reduction in waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

With a focus on recycling, GoTransit are part of HP Planet Partners and assist in the recovery and reuse of ink and toner cartridges. We utilise HP’s recycled ocean-bound plastic bottled ink cartridges to facilitate a closed-loop plastic model and in 2018 they diverted over 830 million HP cartridges out of landfill, instead upcycling these materials for continued use.

Source: HP Sustainable Impact Report 2018


Maximum Impact Wide Coverage Eye Catching Universal Appeal Frequency Street Talk Unavoidable

GoTransit Australia provides an excellent outdoor advertising medium for businesses who want to speak to people when they are in action mode. Our audience is highly receptive and are openly responsive to advertising messages unlike other traditional media who are being diluted by technology.

With the increasingly fragmented media landscape, transit advertising provides an unavoidable high impact offering like no other!

The geographical footprint of the company occupies some of Australia’s most rapidly growing markets and is proud to deliver unique and effective advertising opportunities to Local and National clients. GoTransit Australia provides access to high demand areas, exposing brands to millions of passengers, commuters and pedestrians each year.


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