Go Transit Ad Formats

Transit media speaks to people when they are I.A.M. – “In Action Mode”. Our audience are highly receptive, in action mode, and are openly responsive to advertising messages.

Transit is an invasive media – consumption by the audience is involuntary in comparison to ‘consumed’ media such as Radio, TV and Press.

Full Wrap

The Full Wrap is an all encompassing advertising opportunity that envelopes the bus and effectively turns it into a giant moving exhibit of your businesses products or services in a way that only transit advertising can! Full wraps start from just behind the drivers right ear and go all the way around the bus to his front passenger door step!

The Full Wrap commands attention and is absolutely unavoidable, delivering captivating and memorable ways of attracting audience. They have huge scope for creative design play and bigger than billboard text opportunities.

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Double Deckers

There is no bigger, bolder opportunity in Australia than the premium double decker bus advertising opportunities offered through Go Transit. These vehicles operate exclusively on the higest traffic routes on the Gold Coast and also as circuit buses in the Melbourne CBD

These are truly unmissable, gigantic billboards moving around the heart of the most high profile metro areas in Melbourne and the main highway routes from Coolangatta Airport to The Spit on the Gold Coast.

Any bigger and you’d need a blimp!

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Super Side

Combining an uninterrupted, high visibility, maximum impact advertising opportunity with creative flexibility, this dynamic and very compelling design size is the way to make your message leap out of the traffic and scream.

Stretching all the way across the broad width of the bus beyond the wheel arches, the Superside also reaches for the sky's with a imposing vertical presence.

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Full Back

Full Backs cover the entire back of the bus and work around all the eye catching components that drivers are compelled to monitor like break lights and indicators. High impact on both motorists and pedestrians alike.

Full Backs get in the face of stationary traffic, soaking commuters in your branding for minutes at a time. Big bold and unavoidable at point blank range. Plus every time the bus stops our full backs impress your message to the dozens of drivers that pass.

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Bus Interiors

Market directly to passengers by complimenting your transit spend with a Go Transit Bus Advertising interior package. Interior signage helps to soak your message as passengers dwell in front of the signage for longer periods of time than passing traffic.

Contact Go Transit to find out how affordable an interior campaign can be. Selected markets only.

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Light Rail

Gold Coast Light Rail is the jewel in the crown of South East Queensland’s passenger transport system. Australia’s newest light rail network snakes through the 6th largest city in Australia along 13 kilometres of track with 16 stations. This $1.6 billion  piece of infrastructure utilises only 14 light rail vehicles, each with 7 carriages.

Each  vehicle delivers a breathtaking advertising opportunity with 100% above ground exposure on Australia’s longest light rail vehicles (43 meters long).

This is the biggest transit advertising opportunity in Australia.

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