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Ads on Wheels appoint Sally Waghorn as managing director

Waghorn joins the team after she was recently digital sales director for News Limited Australia

Published by MediaWeek

Sally Waghorn has been appointed to the newly created role of managing director of Ads On Wheels, following the recent partnership with the ad tech company and Go Transit Media Group.

Waghorn comes to the new role following a stellar career in sales and senior media management roles. More recently, she was the digital sales director for News Limited Australia.

She said of her appointment: “I am really excited by this newly created role and it’s a great career progression for me after lengthy stints in digital, print and radio. I am absolutely loving having a fresh, unique way to connect Australian brands with the community to help them grow.

“The beauty of Ads On Wheels is that it allows advertisers to have “fleets” of drivers promoting their brand, allowing them to be seen everywhere from driving the highway, to being parked at the local supermarket or major events. It’s the simple task of getting clients brands seen in and amongst the people without the clutter of other advertising formats.

She continued: “Businesses have become so obsessed with conversions and the bottom of the funnel that they often forget how important branding and awareness is. That subconscious trust and decision making is where Ads On Wheels really shines as we build brand perception, recall, and help influence buyer’s choices by keeping brands top of mind.

“We are excited to soon be able to launch a 100 car campaign in Brisbane for a new brand which is launching into Australia, and we will also be launching new technology advances in the digital space soon too you can expect to see big things from us in this next 12 months,” she added.

Ads on Wheels was established in 2017 by Michael Palmer and his business partner Daniel Schoonderwoerd.

The app based company has more than 16,000 ambassadors across metropolitan and regional Australia who promote a range of businesses and services on their vehicles while driving around their local community undergoing their daily activities

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