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GoTransit Media Group Unveils the Power of Regional Transit Advertising

30 April, 2024

New research by GoTransit and Rapid Media has unveiled the effectiveness of Transit Advertising in engaging with Regional audiences, demonstrating positive uplift results across key brand metrics. 



Engaging Fiftyfive5, GoTransit conducted a brand study to assess the impact of Bus and Light Rail advertising on the target audience by measuring Recall, Branding, Diagnostics, and Impact. The study revealed how Regional Transit Advertising can help brands reach and engage with audiences. 


The study focused on three major regional cities, Geelong, Newcastle and the Gold Coast, to understand the efficacy of transit advertising in regional locations. It was Flight Centre switch on regional transit at scale with a campaign running across 59 markets from July to October 2023. The fieldwork surveyed 78 people aged 18-54 with a core target of 25-39 and travel intention in the next 12 months. 



"We've always anecdotally though GoTransit's inventory in major regional hubs was a great way to engage with valuable regional audiences on scale as many of these areas don't have a large amount of high impact traditional OOH inventory options when compared to metro markets. It's great to see this research back up this media selection for our client showing it delivers their messages effectively in these key regional markets," said Vaughan O'Connor, managing director at Rapid Media. 


The top-line results!


  • 1 in 3 people recognised the campain 
  • 43% acted after seeing the campaign (with 28% visiting the website)
  • 87% spontaneous brand awareness
  • +16%pts increase in future consideration


The results revealed that Regional Transit Advertising drove positive brand perception uplift and demonstrated a positive impact on consideration. It was uncovered that those exposed to the campaign were more likely to consider using Flight Centre in the future. 


The fieldwork identified valuable audience and category insights bespoke to Flight Centre, identifying growth opportunities for future regional campaigns. 


"At Flight Centre, we pride outselves on the fact that we make travel accessible for all Australians, and in fact, 90% of our customers are withing 10km of one of our 300 stores across the country. Our stores, especially in regional centres, are deeply embedded into the community, so this campaign was designed to boost that awareness, particularly in areas that stores closed and had reopened post-Covid. The brand study proved invaluable to understanding key markets where we have more potential to grow, helping to inform future advertising decisions across regional markets," said Clint Hearne, global head of marketing at Flight Centre. 


As Australia's largest privately owned Transit Media Company, GoTransit reaches more than 400 regional communities across every state and territory. With coverage reaching more than 14 million Australians, GoTransit's premium transit network is unrivalled across the OOH regional landscape. 



via B&T magazine

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