Why Transit Advertising?



Higher brand and message recall when compared to traditional advertising



Australians notice outdoor advertising each month



People prefer buses with advertising



People use bus ads to find out about new products/services

Source: AMW Media and Global Research Network data2decisions - Proprietary Study 2018


Who is GoTransit?

As Australia's only supplier of metro, sub-metro and regional transit, we have assets across 6 capital cities plus more than 400 regional communities in Australia.

Our portfolio of transit includes premium route buses, school buses, double decker buses, bus interiors, taxi sedans, maxi taxis and light rail trams. Impact Wrap, affiliated with GoTransit Media Group, specialise in wrapping Company Vehicles, Offices and Shopfronts.

When it comes to transit advertising we’ve got it covered, looking after everything from design and production to installation – we do it all. Our dedicated team, including full-time installers based in all our key markets, will ensure that your campaign hits the road on time, every time!

GoTransit Media Group reaches more than 14 million Australians through the power of movement and unavoidable mobile billboards - this is over half of Australia's population! Get in touch today to discuss your bespoke transit solution on 1300 468 726 or send us an enquiry via the form below.

Unavoidable Transit Solutions.


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What ARE our clients saying?

“Nothing beats bus advertising! It is by far the best advertising we’ve ever locked in. Our buses have taken our business to the next level with more exposure in the marketplace, prominence in the community and of course new business.”

Heather Sweeney


dixon trees

“We are thrilled with our new fleet of taxi advertising for Hot 91.1. We love seeing that our marketing budget is working smarter and harder for us to reach all corners of the Sunshine Coast. We know that strong branding messages like our taxi ads translate to listeners for us and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Cassy Small



“We’ve been working side-by-side with GoTransit for years and we find our bus advertising some of the most effective marketing we have in majority of our franchise areas.”

Stephanie Ellery



"The team at GoTransit make large scale transit advertising easy and effective, increasing our brand awareness through the use of bus, taxi and light rail campaigns."

Kelsey Jones



“I would like to confirm that my bus advertising is the best advertising I’ve ever locked in. Press advertising and social advertising are great methods of marketing, but nothing beats bus advertising. I have been overwhelmed by the response and outcome of such amazing marketing.”

Wendy Samrani



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