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More than simply people movers, public transport is now being used as moveable billboards and interactive advertising art. GoTransit talks to us about this effective advertising medium.

Published in Connect Cairns Edition 4, pg.56. Read the full article here.

In our urban landscape, little more catches the eye in the sea of concrete and infrastructure than an open-air art display. So, when that art display is moving art, it’s almost impossible to ignore. One only needs to recall the iconic opening sequence to HBO’s Sex and The City promoting

Carrie Bradshaw’s New York Times column to reiterate the efficacy of ‘bus-vertising’. Transit advertising--placement of large format advertising on buses and other vehicles --is an important medium for reaching an audience of all ages, backgrounds and incomes.

Advertisers aren’t just addressing public transport users with these ‘moving billboards’ -they’re reaching families and professionals in their cars, students shopping and tourists finding their way around town. Passengers riding on a bus or waiting at a station are likely to be there for several minutes, making the advertisement obvious and unmistakable.

Exposing an advertisement to the diverse crowds of people who use mass transit is a great way to market a company, campaign or product. Strategically placing and designing the ad on a moveable billboard is a creative way to reach to your target audience. There are certain tips that will ensure you are marketing your advertisement in the most effective way. GoTransit Media Group is Australia’s only regional transit media group, providing unique transit advertising opportunities in almost one hundred markets across the eastern seaboard.

Connect Cairns spoke to Lee Campbell, North QLD Sales Manager from GoTransit Media Group on the efficacy of transit advertising in Tropical North Queensland, and why businesses might want to consider this advertising channel.


“Ultimately, it’s the eye-catching, attention-grabbing nature of a moveable billboard on public transport that’s the focus”, says Lee. “It’s highly visible, offers an uncluttered environment for brand messaging, and primarily impacts the audience whilst they’re on the path to purchase. “Being able to choose the size and location of your ad is a huge advantage,” Lee continues. “Exterior panels provide the benefit of an ad being seen by passers-by. Companies can create ads that capitalise on this by featuring colourful and innovative designs. However, the bottom line is that you simply can’t ignore the advertising. It can't be turned off like a television or radio station. Campaigns, and certainly the ones that go viral, have large, colourful, innovative designs that demand attention and retention.”


Buses are very effective due to their exterior and interior ad space. Interior ads have the advantage of catching and holding the attention of consumers who will be riding the bus. While exterior ads have the benefit of offering exposure to everyone the bus passes. 

Types of advertising include:

• Full Wraps and Super Sides: These are the largest of advertising signs—the Full Wrap guarantees an everlasting impression and Super Side panels are ideal for large format frequency.

• Bus Backs: These are conveniently located on the rear of the vehicle. This provides ad exposure for some time by vehicles who end up behind the bus in traffic.

• Interior Advertising: These ads are located inside the bus and only seen by passengers, positioned at eye level. “One of the best developments in bus advertising is the Full Wrap, which covers the entire bus in an ad”, says Lee.

“This option absolutely pays off with great impact. Bus advertisements are not limited to using the whole bus, but options are available for the sides and back as well.”


“With digital changing the traditional media landscape across the last decade, ‘Out of Home’ advertising has gained significant momentum in Cairns during this time. Our ability to deliver high impact advertising messages to a highly receptive audience has been key to success for our Cairns’ clients.  “The Status Plus full wrap campaign couldn’t be missed amongst locals with a stand out creative concept. The creative design was a snake wrapped around the bus with the tagline ‘Putting The Squeeze On Prices’, turning heads in the local market! On a national scale GoTransit has rolled out a staggering number of successful campaigns for brands such Subway, H&M, Night Owl, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.”

Ultimately, transit ads tell a story with big graphics and little text, capturing the attention of passers-by. Although public transport has always been a popular form of transportation, the economic benefits are making the advertising option even more popular.

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