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GoTransit’s growth leads to strong demand for quality one-way window film

For the first time, Western Australian businesses can access proven, high-quality and affordable large format transit advertising with Go Transit Media Group’s expansion into the west coast.

Published by Digital Image Magazine. Read the full article here.

GoTransit CEO Rick Chapman credits his company’s growth trajectory on simple business fundamentals - exceeding customer expectations. Chapman says customers want three things: exceptional print quality—the graphics on the buses need to be crisp and vibrant; they want it to look good for the entire campaign, which sometimes can be up to 24 months; and they want industry best pricing.

It’s a little known fact that GoTransit undertake all printing in-house. “Our printing assets include a pair of HP3600 printers at 3.2m wide allowing dual roll printing on 250m roll lengths, which operates from 6am until 6pm every day of the week. Keeping print in-house ensures a high level of quality control and allows us to pivot quickly, especially when demand is high,” says Chapman.

Chapman’s focus on quality extends to the self-adhesive vinyls used on the bus Large format transit advertising sides and windows - Australian conditions are punishing so the vinyls need to be high performance. It therefore made perfect sense to partner with Paramount Graphics Asia Pacific to source and provide these products.

“Paramount Graphics is an industry leader supplying cutting-edge vinyl and perforated one-way films for vehicles, fleet and commercial applications. Managing Director, Luke Naumann, has more than 20 years’ experience working across sales, manufacture, distribution and management in the signage industry, so there’s very little about this industry that he isn’t across,” says Chapman.

“We were very pleased and relieved when Luke introduced us to Continental Grafix’ perforated window films. It’s preferred by the transit industry in Europe and the USA, but we hadn’t seen it in Australia. “The Continental Grafix perforated window film has proven itself when it comes to longevity. We recently removed a campaign that had been on a bus window for two years and it removed cleanly in full drops. We’ve not seen that result before with other brands,” he adds.

“And our buses are mechanically washed on the outside once a week, sometimes twice per week. It is a vigorous wash over the decals and, in the past, other one-way perf products have faded considerably each wash, with the print quality diluting over the campaign life.

“We have been so pleased with the Continental Grafix performance. The print quality remains vibrant, despite the many washes. The Continental Grafix material has a greater white point than other products on the market, leading to a far more vibrant white material to begin. The high white point in the CGX product influences the quality and vibrancy of the final print. We believe that quality products are the key to every successful campaign.”


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