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Ground-breaking new data eliminates OOH audience guesswork

Fresh new data showing the true audience reach of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising on light rail vehicles in two of Australia's biggest growth markets has been captured for the first time thanks to technologoy from LUMOS Intelligence adtech platform




CEO Eric Fan said LUMOS Intelligence provides in-depth, privacy-compliant mobility data and audience analytics to create rich layers of OOH attribution, unlocking powerful new marketing insights. 


“The transit advertising industry has traditionally faced challenges around measuring genuine OOH ROI, optimising OOH space and spend, converting offline audiences online and closing the loop on campaigns,” Eric said. 


LUMOS recently partnered with GoTransit Media Group to deliver a solution that innovates technology to achieve insights that were previously impossible to source on light rail assets on the Gold Coast and Newcastle. 


“The trial captured real CPM (Cost per Thousand impressions) data to reveal previously unknown detail about the consumers interacting with GoTransit’s advertising on light rail networks in two key markets. (see results below). 


“This level of Intelligence signals a new frontier for OOH attribution as marketers can now confidently execute data-driven campaigns that are not only measurable but highly effective. LUMOS Intelligence shines a light on consumer behaviour, helping advertisers and agency partners better understand the impact and effectiveness of their campaigns,” he said. 


GoTransit Media Group Director of Sales Kirrily Hirst said the new data was a game changer for their national business. 


“Until now, estimations around eyes on light rail OOH were unavailable. We had lots of other trip data, network coverage and passenger demographics; but really solid stats around direct audience impressions, reach and value just did not exist. 


“So, we went on a mission to find robust tech that would give us those insights. The results are impressive. We now have specific, reliable and credible audience insights at our fingertips. 


“It reinforces the effectiveness of light rail advertising, delivering such a highly competitive CPM will no doubt create even greater demand. 


LUMOS data results: 


Gold Coast 


• Estimated weekly impressions: 2,502,459 

• Estimated weekly reach: 477,603 • CPM: $1 




• Estimated weekly impressions: 842,000 

• Estimated weekly reach: 134,000 

• CPM: $2.96 



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