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Sunny Coast Businesses Dig Deep For Kids In Need

Responding to SunnyKids’ call to support local children and families in need this holiday season, dozens of local businesses have generously pledged to be child sponsors in the 92.7MIXFM Todd & Sami Santa $600 Christmas Appeal for SunnyKids campaign to see vulnerable local families get the help they need.

Published by My Sunshine Coast. Read the full article here.

With the Sunshine Coast identifying up to 5,000 vulnerable children each year - the most prominent issues in 2018-19 being domestic and family violence, mental health and substance abuse - SunnyKids needs the support of the community to enable them to continue to make meaningful change in these young lives. 

“We believe it takes a village to provide the right environment for children to thrive and we are grateful for the support of generous Sunshine Coast residents, businesses and groups who have got on board with our Santa $600 for SunnyKids campaign pledging $600 per Child Sponsorship to enable SunnyKids to provide the greatest impact possible across our region,” said SunnyKids Charity Manager Debbie Battaglini.

One local business early to pledge their support to the SunnyKids Christmas appeal was Go Transit Media Group who signed up for an incredible 10 Child Sponsorships.

“Unfortunately, there is a great and growing need for SunnyKids’ services in our community and it breaks our hearts to know there are so many children who are struggling through no fault of their own. 

“We applaud the work that SunnyKids does and didn’t think twice about supporting their cause again this year. 

“Their service delivery team should be called angels. They work tirelessly to turn lives around, bring hope to families, and most of the time we can’t share the stories because they are so sensitive and even at times life threatening if made public. 

“I encourage all businesses who are able to help to take on a Child Sponsorship with SunnyKids and support the vulnerable children and families in our community who are doing it tough, especially at Christmas,” said Rick Chapman, COO of Go Transit Media Group.

Through SunnyKids’ own resources and programs as well as in partnership with government, private and community sectors they take a wholistic approach to solving problems.  SunnyKids is able to identify what a family needs and where to find the right services to deliver positive, life-changing solutions. 

SunnyKids provides emergency accommodation, psychology services, school supports systems, legal and police support, literacy programs, relocation services, health and wellbeing, financial support, mentors, and more.

“Issues can be complicated and the systems complex, but our service delivery team knows how to navigate the network to support families with their immediate and ongoing needs,” explained Charity Manager Debbie Battaglini. 

To seek help from SunnyKids or to offer your support, visit


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